• 2010 Race Calendar

    01.17 - Samson Stomp 5K
    04.24 - Deer Run 10K
    05.01 - Door County Half Marathon
    07.11 - Pewaukee Triathlon
    08.01 - Bradford Beach Tri
    09.11 - TosaFest 5K

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Tough Day Ahead…

Good morning everyone,

I’m feeling a little under the weather this morning and this is probably the workout day where I can least afford to not be feeling my best.  This afternoon is my normal session with the personal trainer and this evening is a 75 minute kobudo class followed by a 60 minute sparring class.  Today is probably the most physically intense day of the month for me.

Even though I’m not feeling 100% today, I’m committed to making it through each one of these workouts today even if it’s not at full intensity.  Plus, as a bonus I’ve decided to reward myself tonight when I get home around 8:30 and all the workouts are said and done.  I’m going to have an apple with peanut butter!  I haven’t had one of these in a little while and almost forgot how much I enjoyed them so tonight my reward for making it through the day will be a granny smith apple with peanut butter!

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Official Samson Stomp 5K Results Posted


I’ve had a lot of people visit the site over the last week or so looking for the official Samson Stomp 5K results from this past weekend.  The Running In The USA website just posted the official results from the event and they can be found here.  Photos from the event can be found here.

No Workout But I Got A Haircut!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I’ve spent part of the morning so far looking through pictures I found online of the 5K I ran this weekend.  One of the photographers on the course got a good picture of me right before the finish line but I’m not able to copy the picture here to share with you (unless I want to pay for it and I don’t think I want it THAT badly).  It’s a fun reminder of a fun event though!

As the title of this post suggests, I didn’t work out yesterday.  I didn’t plan my Monday evening too well and ended up staying up well past 11PM (which is quite late for me) finishing things up and I spent most of Tuesday dragging due to lack of sleep.  My thighs still feel quite tight presumably from the 5K on Sunday so I just wasn’t in the right place physically or mentally to get a run or a bike in on Tuesday.

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Weigh-In Results – Week 4

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I think there are a lot of reasons to feel good this morning.  I had a great workout with my personal trainer yesterday afternoon and then a great karate class last night.  It was long day physically with the multiple workouts but I’m very happy with the results.

And speaking of results, yesterday was the latest weigh-in and body fat measurement.  Last week’s numbers were 200.6 lbs and 19.5% body fat.  This week?  198.6 lbs. and 19.0% body fat.  Back below 200 again!

I totally wasn’t expecting this result.  I’d been doing really well working out and eating properly for the first half of the week but started to slip a little during the latter half.  I think running the 5K on Sunday really helped as Sundays have typically been off days for me.  Needless to say, I’m really excited with the numbers.  I think I’ve really got momentum on my side now and am recommitted to continuing the progress and delivering even better results next week!

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Samson Stomp 5K Results

First of all, my apologies for the lack of posting yesterday and my inability to communicate the results of Sunday’s 5K sooner.  We ran in the morning and once we got home we rested for a little while.  Then it was outside for a little play time in the snow with my daughter, over to the neighbors for a play date and dinner, and then it was to bed early.  I barely even got to the computer and didn’t even watch any football either.  A lot of family time yesterday though so it was definitely a good day!

As for the race itself, it turned out to be a great day to run.  No wind, sunny, and about low 30s by the time the race kicked off.  As for the course, it was a lot wavier than I would have liked.  Lots of little ups and downs and a few 90 degree turns throughout the course.  And a LOT of people.  I think there were about 1200 people total running the race.

I finished the 5K in 26:03 unofficially.  I’m satisfied with that result…….I think.

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Quick Saturday Update

Hey everybody,

Not much time to talk right now as the pie party will be kicking off in about two hours and still a lot to do to get ready!

The outdoor run went really well yesterday!  About a mile and half at a good pace but that was it.  Just enough to loosen up the legs a little and get a feel for the cold weather.  I definitely need a pair of gloves but everything else was in good shape.

Taking the day off today, watching a little football, eating a little pie and then the 5K tomorrow morning.  Supposed to be 38 and sunny.  Couldn’t ask for any better!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

“Your Legs Are Dead Today.”

This is what my personal trainer told me towards the end of our training session yesterday.  Well, they probably should be.  After putting in a solid workout on the spin bike on Wednesday, we started Thursday’s session with…………the spin bike!  Just a 5 minute circuit but it was enough to really hit the quads hard.  After that “warm-up”, it was kettlebell lunges, Smith Machine squats, and Smith Machine lunges.  It was the last one that earned the quote from my trainer.

She was right though.  My legs did feel dead.  I think a lack of proper stretching after my bike workout on Wednesday was at least partially at fault.  I did a quick quad, calf, and hamstring stretch following the workout and it probably wasn’t enough to get the blood properly flowing through the muscles again.  I don’t feel too badly about it though.  With all the leg work over the past couple of days, it would seem that most people’s legs would get tired.

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