• 2010 Race Calendar

    01.17 - Samson Stomp 5K
    04.24 - Deer Run 10K
    05.01 - Door County Half Marathon
    07.11 - Pewaukee Triathlon
    08.01 - Bradford Beach Tri
    09.11 - TosaFest 5K

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Good News………And Bad News

Good morning all!

The snow has finally subsided here but we got the full brunt of what was predicted for us – about 12 inches total.  Once the plows did their thing, the wall of snow at the end of our driveway was easily two feet deep or more.  The wind made it that much worse in that the snow would easily drift up to two or three feet deep in certain spots.  I’m thankful every day like this for my snowblower and that I don’t have to move all of that snow with a shovel.  After about two hours or so outside I’m happy to say that the driveway is clear, the sidewalk is walkable and our back patio is snow-free (gotta make sure the doggies can move around outside to do their thing too!).

You’re not here to read about the weather though.  Good news first.  I jumped on the treadmill yesterday afternoon and successfully completed my 5 mile run in a time of 42:51.  That’s been about the typical pace that I’ve been running at lately.  Not really pushing it but not taking it easy either.  I figure if I can build a good base of doing 5 mile runs at an average pace then I set the stage for pushing forward to faster and longer runs.  I was quite pleased with this run.  Until……..

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The Struggle

We’re halfway through the week and this week, thankfully, seems to be moving along a little better than the last one.

Yesterday’s workout was a relatively brief one.  I did a short two mile run on the treadmill followed by a little ab work and some stretching.  I find myself still protective of my knee so I opted not to push the distance this time around.  I want to make sure that the joint is sturdy and sound for the long term instead of trying to push the distance on a single run and risk further injury.

My knee continues to feel OK.  I’m trying to slowly build a good training base to get myself back up to full speed as opposed to just pushing it.  Knee issues seem to be something that will be an ongoing issue for me that will need constant revisiting.  I think working to limit the overexertion of the joints seems to be the correct path to take even if it means limiting the duration or intensity of my workouts.  I pushed it last year in training for the half marathon and my IT Band issues lingered for months.  I’d much rather run a slower pain-free race versus one that hurts for several miles.

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A Great Run But Knee Issues Return

My second attempt at the 5 mile run was a complete success this afternoon with one small caveat.  Knee problems have officially returned.  And not in the knee that gave me issues before.  The other one.

Let’s start with the good news first.  My run today I would consider wildly successful.  I think the main reason was because I focused on something that I really haven’t before – controlling my breathing.  My typical pattern in the past was to start breathing properly – in through the nose and out through the mouth – for about the first five minutes and then it sort of becomes a free for all.  When it reaches that point, I almost start breathing just to survive the run.  I didn’t realize what a huge difference it makes until I tried to control my breathing throughout the run.

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