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Weigh-In Results – Week 12

A big weigh-in was looming this week.  After last week’s 0.6 pound increase, it was important to get momentum moving back in the right direction again.

Last week, I got several solid workouts in including a couple of sessions with the personal trainer, four days of karate, a 4 or 5 mile run and 45 minutes doing circuits on the spin bike.    I paid special attention to managing my diet as I felt that food was really my Achilles heel to keeping things in check.  I felt good going in but only the scale will say for sure.

And the results…….

I weighed in at 192.4 pounds (which is down 1.8 pounds from last week) and my body fat measurement came in at 17.5% (unchanged from last week).  I was especially excited about the body fat measurement.  I thought last week’s 17.5% reading might have been a fluke but since I got the same reading two weeks in a row I’m thinking that maybe it’s not a fluke after all.

For those of you keeping track, that’s a total loss of 9.6 pounds this year so far and a 2.2% drop in total body fat.  I have to say I’m very happy with this result.  That goal weight of 190 is getting oh so close!

As has become custom, my trainer worked out my legs pretty hard yesterday.  I understand the need for this as I’m going to need every bit of lower body strength I can get to get through the triathlons this summer but boy do we do a lot of leg work!  Lunges and squats have become a normal with almost every workout we do.

This is going to sound a little weird but I’m sort of looking forward to what she has planned for Thursday’s workout – speedwork.  The weather is supposed to be in the mid 50s most of this week here and she wants to get outside and do some speedwork in preparation for the run.  Lord knows I spend almost zero time doing speedwork or intervals so I think this could be a really beneficial workout.

I think that makes the workout schedule for this week running on Tuesday, in the pool on Wednesday, training/speedwork on Thursday and on the bike on Friday.

I went bike shopping for the first time this past weekend too looking for a bike suitable for the triathlon.  My budget is on the lower end (in the lower end of the range for brand new road bikes at least I should say) so I initially was looking at the Trek 1.1 but the sales person started turning me on to the Trek 1.2.  I have to say I’m starting to lean towards that one but I’m going to sit on it for a couple of weeks.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a good road bike?

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!

8 Responses

  1. Squats and lunges are my 2 fave exercises cuz they WORK. They are oldies but goodies for a reason!
    adventures in tri-ing
    PS…great job on getting closer to your weight goal!

  2. You’re so close to your goal! You’ll so get there. Your leg workout sound awesome. I hate/love hard leg workouts. I know they’re beneficial but are so tough during. Hope you have fun with your speedwork on Thursday! Another love/hate for me ha!

  3. I have just started trying speedwork in the past month and it really makes the workout speed by (har de har har).

    I wish I had some bike recommendations! 🙂

  4. AWESOME DAVID!!! You rockstar!

  5. Congrats on the loss this week! I wish I had a trainer to push me!

  6. Hey David, congratulation on the weight loss!
    I do have a question though, what is speedwork consist of?

    • It can be done a number of different ways but generally speaking it’s where you alternate sprints with an easy jog instead of running a steady pace for a particular distance. For example, instead of running 4 or 5 miles at a steady 7MPH pace, I’ll go 9.5MPH for 60 seconds and then 4MPH for 30 seconds and then repeat this a half dozen times or so. It’s a fast-slow-fast-slow type run that’s designed to help improve your speed on longer runs.

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