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Guess The Lie Challenge

Hey everybody!  It seems a little wild that it’s the middle of the week already.  Seems like the week has been flying by.  Hope it has for you too!

I wrote about yesterday’s run here already and I’m just not sure what to write about fitness-related so I’m taking a page out Marathon Maiden’s book and today will give you the “Guess The Lie Challenge”.  The idea is that I give you a list of nuggets about me and my past and you try to guess which ones are fact and which ones are fiction.  Ready?  OK.

I’ve listed a total of 9 items below.  Of them, 6 are true and 3 are false.  Can you guess which is which?

1.  I’ve never had a soda or an alcoholic beverage in my entire life.

2.  I would love to write a fiction novel and have even finished the first chapter of a mystery novel that I hope to have published someday.

3.  If I had to choose a major in college other than Finance (which is my college major – I’ll give you a freebie on that one), I would have gone to medical school to be a dentist.

4.  I was voted “Worst Driver” during my senior year in high school.

5.  I once got to hold the Olympic torch.

6.  I started having multiple seizures, kidney stones and developed knee problems all shortly after my 30th birthday.

7.  My wife and I were married on St. Patrick’s Day so we could celebrate the Irish heritage on my wife’s side of the family.

8.  I met Ted Nugent at a high school basketball game.

9.  I’m jealous of my brother for his physical abilities and athletic accomplishments.

It’s a really random list of nuggets now that I read through them again and it’s a little weird to think that over half of them are true.  It’s up to you to guess which ones are real and which are completely made up.  Feel free to post your ideas in the comments!

Since the Milwaukee area is approaching the summertime temperatures of near 45 today, I plan on getting outside!  I haven’t figured out what type of workout I’ll get in but I’m determined to do it outside today.  Maybe a bike ride with my little gal in her toddler trailer sounds like a good idea!

Have a great day!


7 Responses

  1. I’m going to guess that 1, 4 and 8 are false.

  2. I am going to say that 1, 6, and 9 are FALSE! Fun game!!

  3. i think the false ones are 1,3,8. a lot of these i could see as being very possible so it was hard!

  4. I’m really hoping 1. I’ve never had a soda or an alcoholic beverage in my entire life. is NOT true!!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  5. My guess for the falses: Numbers 1,3, and 8. Those were tricky!

  6. F-everyone had atleast a soda if not an alcoholic beverage

    T-a lot of people I know even myself started writing a book/novel but has not finish it past the first or first few chapters

    T-this was a freebie;)

    T- believable if you were a partyier which goes back to question one, lol

    T-very possible

    T-very possible

    T-make sense

    F-I am sure you met Ted Nugent but was it at a “high school” basketball game?

    F-you might “had” been jealous growing up but you mention you “are” present tense. I am sure your very happy for him now looking back

  7. 1. F
    2. T
    3. T

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