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Weigh-In Not So Bad After All?

Happy Tuesday all!

So I’m thinking that maybe yesterday’s weigh-in wasn’t as bad as it seemed yesterday.  I weigh in every Monday with my personal trainer, as you know, but I also weigh in on Tuesday mornings with a group of co-workers for our own little “Biggest Loser” challenge that started at the beginning of the year.

I weighed in this morning at work and the result was that I was down another pound since last week’s weigh in.  That kind of flies in the face of yesterday’s result of going up 0.6 pounds.  I’m not sure which is a more correct reading but it does give me the sense that maybe I’m being given a second chance, so to speak, of continuing the weight loss momentum.  Diet wise, this week so far has been going well so I think as long as I keep up at this rate I should be in for a good number next week.  I hope at least.

Today, I made it 4.25 miles at 7.0MPH on the treadmill.  I was aiming for 5 and then started overheating.  I probably could have pushed it to make it that last .75 miles but I didn’t want to be thrown off the back of the treadmill either.  I think my body might be getting used to running a 5K distance and I need to vary the distance of my runs a little more.  Or I just plain ran out of gas.  One of the two.  And I completely forgot to stretch after my run today.  0 for 2!

Tomorrow, it’s a return to the bike which I’m actually looking forward.  But importantly, tonight is Lost!  Enjoy the day!

7 Responses

  1. I am super excited that soon it will be warm enough to bike outside again! It’s such a great way to cross train!

  2. Nice work on the run (even if you didn’t make it all the way to five!)!

    I suck at stretching, too. I used to never do it at all. Now that I’m running a little more (or at least I was for a bit and now have slowed it down again), I take it a little more seriously than I did before. As Jillian Michaels would say when it comes to importance of stretching, “no injuries, please!”.

  3. Wow, way to kill it on the mill! I am definitely not to a point where I can run for that pace that long. So kudos to you!!

    That is cool that you have a mini biggest loser competition going on. I would love to have something like that at my work. I think work is the place that most of the bad snacking happens. Eeek! (Thanks for stopping by D-26.2! )

  4. Love Lost! Last nights episode didn’t do it for me either though. Great pace on your run.

  5. Awesome run…that is a great pace!

  6. wooot to LOST! it’s a ben episode tonight so i’m extra wicked excited 🙂

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