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Weigh-In Results – Week 11 (Uh Oh!)

I had a nice little streak going.  Emphasis on the past tense of that word in there – had.  I had gone 10 straight weekly weigh-ins either losing weight or holding steady from the previous week.  Alas, that streak is now over.

I weighed in today at 194.2 pounds.  That’s up 0.6 pounds from last week.  My body fat percentage came in at 17.5% which is down a whopping 0.9% from last week (which leads me to believe that it’s more of a fluke reading than an actual result).

I’m disappointed.  Not in the result itself because I don’t think it’s terribly surprising given my activity of the last week but it’s disappointing nonetheless.  The ironic thing is that I think overall I ate healthier this week than I have most weeks up to this point.  I think I just ate too much of that healthy stuff.

For example, my lunch here at work usually consists of soup (I like the chicken with white and wild rice) and pretzels sticks.  I’d been concerned about the overall sodium involved so I started looking at alternatives.  My lunch this past week was tunafish on stone ground wheat crackers with cottage cheese.  I really liked it.  Probably liked it too much as I ate too much of it.  I found granola as a nice mid-meal snack.  Same thing.  Ate too much of that too.  I think you get the trend here.

When my daughter was an infant, we made all of her food from fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.  To this day, we never bought a single jar of Gerber baby food for her.  We have all these tiny Gladware containers sitting in a cabinet that we used for her food that have just been collecting dust lately.  I think I’ll need to pull those back out to teach myself some portion control.  My goal of 190 is still just a short distance away but I definitely need to get momentum moving back in the right direction.

Workout today was good.  Spinning circuit followed by lunges, push-ups and ab work.  Tomorrow, another run.  5-6 miles maybe?

Hope everyone had a great weekend and an acceptable Monday!


5 Responses

  1. Wow, that’s impressive that you never bought pre-packaged baby food.

  2. That is REALLY impressive that you never bought pre-made baby food. Actually that is downright amazing and kudos to you and your wife for doing that! 🙂

    • It’s really quite simple. Throw whatever you want in the Magic Bullet and portion it and you’re done. Much healthier too. Although our daughter has way too much energy now. Maybe that’s a drawback!

  3. Happens to the best of us. When I have setbacks I try to remember the overall trend and not focus on the bad weigh in.

  4. I love that, an “acceptable Monday” sometimes that is all you can expect out of a Monday!

    adventures in tri-ing

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