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    04.24 - Deer Run 10K
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Hitting The Run

Happy Tuesday everyone and everybody knows (or should know) that Tuesdays are Lost days!  Can’t wait for tonight!

I posted my weekly weigh in results a little early this week (a little late getting around to posting) and was really excited with the results.  Had another solid workout with my trainer yesterday.  We started with an 8 minute spinning circuit followed by leg work (squats and kettlebell lunges), upper body (kettlebell rows and LOTS of push-ups) and abs (medicine ball crunches and the usual planks).  All that along with an evening of sparring at karate and you can probably understand why I slept pretty well last night.

Today, I’m going for a little run.  I’m still trying to decide if I want to do a shorter run at a faster pace or a longer run at a slower pace.  My last few runs have been longer runs at my distance running pace but it seems like today might good be a good opportunity to get a little speed running in.

I’m also contemplating whether or not to wear the IT Band brace.  Things have been feeling really good for the past week and I really would prefer to run without it.  When I have the brace on, I feel like I pay more attention to my knee and the brace than my running form or pace.  My gut’s telling me to go without it.  I did all my flexibility work yesterday as normal so everything should be stretched and loose.  I just hate the thought of jinxing a good thing though.

Sorry folks but I’m going to cut this one a little short today.  The thoughts just aren’t flowing quite as freely as they usually do.  I’ll take that as a sign that I should get to the gym and work out so that I can get the blood flowing again.

Have a great day!

5 Responses

  1. I admire you for posting weigh-ins on your blog for the world to see — that takes stones brother!!!! You’re in great shape.

    We record it and save it for Friday nights…can’t WAIT!
    adventures in tri-ing

  3. Would you believe I have never seen one episode of Lost? My husband and I are thinking of renting the seasons on DVD and having Lost Marathon Weekends. Good idea??

    • VERY good idea! You’ll be hooked after a few episodes. And you won’t have to suffer a full week’s wait until the next episode like I have the last five years.

  4. Congrats on starting to feel a little better! Goodluck with the speedwork- soooo not my favorite!

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