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    04.24 - Deer Run 10K
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Weigh-In Results – Week 10

Hey everyone!  Happy Monday which means back to the grind for most of us.  Many of you may or may not be hockey fans but, boy, what a game between the USA and Canada for the gold medal.  The whole tournament was really good and I’m proud that Olympic tournament MVP Ryan Miller was from my alma mater, Michigan State.  I’m going to miss the Olympics.

Monday morning means another weigh in for me.  After three straight weeks of coming in at 195.8, I was anxious to break out of the rut and start moving back in the right direction towards my target weight of 190.  I worked out judiciously and watched my diet like a hawk this week.  But did it pay off?

The answer is yes!  I weighed in at 193.6 this week.  Down a whole 2.2 pounds.  My body fat measurement came in at 18.4% which is down 0.1% from last week.  I didn’t realize that managing your food intake so closely and really watching what you eat could be as challenging as it was (not to mention that there were a few times where I was REALLY hungry) but the results really make it feel all worthwhile.  Momentum is back in my favor!

After the first two months of 2010, that would mean that my weight has dropped from 202 down to 193.6 (a loss of 8.4 pounds or a little over 4% of total body weight) and my body fat percentage has dropped from 19.7% down to 18.4% (a drop of 1.3% or a 6.6% drop in total).  I don’t think I can complain about those results one bit.  The three week plateau was a little frustrating but nothing worth fighting for is simple all the time.  It’s good to be back in fighting shape!

Tonight, I “celebrate” by sparring at karate.  Another highly aerobic, highly physical workout that hopefully gets me another step closer to 190.

Until tomorrow….

6 Responses

  1. congrats on breaking through the rut! i bet having a trainer has been a huge help in staying strong on a plateau. when i start to feel stagnant, i’m so prone to giving up!

  2. […] posted my weekly weigh in results a little early this week (a little late getting around to posting) and was really excited with the […]

  3. Awesome results! Keep up the momentum and you’ll be at your goal in no time. Thanks for the encouragement about the run-bike 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh those are some awesome stats!!! CONGRATS!!! 🙂

  5. way to break through the rut. and those are great numbers overall as well . i fully support the way youre celebrating too 🙂

  6. Congratulations! That’s terrific news. Keep going!!!!

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