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Michael Phelps I Am Not!

….but I am happy to report that yesterday’s trip to the pool for some lap swimming went better than expected!

After taking several minutes to get used to the water (yes, I’m a wuss about cold temperatures….getting the water level above the equator is always a long process for me), I ended up doing 750 meters total in 50 meter increments with about 12-15 breaths in between.  It’s a long ways to go to get to the 1500 meters for the Olympic distance triathlon but we’re getting there.

While my form almost certainly needs some work and my breathing and lung capacity are not where they need to be, I can tell that progress is slowly being made.  When I started, I struggled to make one 25 meter length of the pool.  Now, I’m doing 50 meter laps and doing it 15 times.  The clear challenge up to this point has been that I’ve only been in the pool once a week at best (and was out of it for about three weeks earlier this year as it was being repaired).  At some point, I’m going to need to get in there 2 to 3 times a week.  Overall, I’m pleased with the progress to date.  Yesterday, I actually felt like getting up to 1500 meters would be possible and that’s a major victory in and of itself!

Today, I’m back with the trainer and tomorrow I’ll be back on the spin bike for another distance ride.  I’m feeling pretty good about how training has gone this week and I think I’ll break out of the rut come weigh-in next Monday.

One more day until Friday!  Hang in there, everyone!

P.S.  Knee is doing great.  No issues whatsoever for four days straight now.  I’m thrilled but it’s so weird.  It’s like Mr. Miyagi did the weird energy healing thing with his hands and it all just went away.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way!

6 Responses

  1. Sounds like an awesome swim. It’s great that you can see yourself progress from the beginning.

  2. Oh awesome! I love swimming but it definitely uses different muscles than running (hello shoulders) and is a GREAT workout!!

  3. the best way to get used to the water is to jump right in and get 100% wet all at once. that’s how i usually do it but it does take me awhile to do so haha

  4. Sounds great that your back on the up and up!

  5. Hey, I don’t blame you one bit! I’ve always enjoyed the pool. Great workout too!

  6. For our planned staycation in the city this weekend, is it sad that I told my friend I am determined to use the pool? Sure, there’s a great view from the indoor pool (it’s on the 30th floor overlooking Michigan Avenue!), but I’m pretty damn excited about actually getting some real swimming in!

    I need a life… lol.

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