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Epic Fail

I started out yesterday with the greatest of intentions and things quickly went south.  My work day started out with a clear calendar and by about 9AM ended up having half the day filled up with meetings.  That included one meeting that went up until noon and another that went from 1PM to 3PM so I failed to get to the gym to do my normal lunchtime workout.  Not a happy camper!

I was looking forward to getting back on the treadmill and testing out the knee but didn’t get the chance.  I’m a little skeptical that my knee would have “survived” the run because it’s been very up and down as far as how it’s been feeling.  Yesterday around noon was a down period.  I’m really struggling to get my arms around this injury and what I can do to fix it.  It used to be that my knee would start hurting at the end of a workout or shortly thereafter once I slowed down but now it seems to be giving me trouble at completely random times.

For example, on Tuesday I did my workout on the spin bike.  Added a few sprints and hills in there and my knee felt fine.  Did my normal stretching and everything was good until later that evening when I started running around with my daughter (who, by the way, is fully recovered from pneumonia…..thanks for the well wishes!) when it started acting up again.  Then yesterday, I didn’t work out at all but felt some discomfort in my knee again around the noon time hour.  Then by about 2PM, everything was fine again.  I just don’t get it.

I’m literally about this close to throwing in the towel and visiting the doctor on this.  To this point, I haven’t been able to stretch or ice or strengthen the knee to the point where I can make it through a short distance run comfortably and I need to get this figured out if I plan on being able to move forward with triathlon training.

I’ll be working out with my personal trainer again in about half an hour and I suspect that my knee will be fine for the workout (although I have felt it a little this morning).  I’ll give it a go tomorrow again to see how it will do on the treadmill and if it gives me trouble then I think that’ll be the final straw.

Disappointing for sure but I think it should be something that’s fixable.  Plus, I’d rather fix it now and get it better than trying to struggle through workouts for the next two months.  It seems like the smart choice to make.

Time to run over to the gym and break a good sweat again.  Until tomorrow…….


4 Responses

  1. So frustrating!! I don’t have any advice to give except to hang in there and you’re wise not to push it too hard. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Knee problems can be really frustrating! I’ve found that seeing a chiropractor has really helped with my running pains and issues. Running is a big stress on the body and if you’re imbalanced then I’m sure it makes one side work more than the other. Just my thoughts… hope it gets feeling better for you soon!!

  3. i hate days where you think they’ll be free but they totally arent!!! totally my day today: no classes but i haven’t had a moment to myself

    glad you daughter is feeling better too

  4. Oh my…your daughter had pnuemonia? I am so glad she is getting better!

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