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My Guilty Fitness Pleasure

I’ll get to what that is in a minute.  And I use the term “fitness” here a little loosely.

Back to the gym yesterday with my first visit to the pool in about three weeks (the pool was under repair for most of that time….it wasn’t necessarily due to me just staying away from it).  It took a little getting used to once again but all in all it didn’t turn out too bad as I finished a 500M swim in about 50M chunks.  My plan was to follow the format of the 0 to 1650 game plan while modifying it a bit to account for my lack of experience swimming.

I did the swim in 50M increments stopping at the end of each lap for 12 to 15 controlled breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth) before proceeding to the next lap.  I can tell that my lung capacity is growing which is a good thing.  Before when I started I was struggling to finish a 25M leg.  Now, I’m finishing 50M legs in fairly good shape.  There’s still a long ways to go to adequately finish a roughly 400M swim involved in a sprint triathlon or a roughly 1500M swim for the Olympic distance but I think progress is being made.  I just need to hit the pool more often.  And get a pair of goggles!

OK, my guilty pleasure.  Who hear watches Celebrity Fit Club on VH1?  I’ve been watching it religiously since season 2 (I think they’re on season 6 or 7 now).  I guess I’m sort of an addict to train wreck television and some of the people on this show certainly qualify.  I’m especially excited because one of the women from the Bad Girls Club show is on this season.  Kick her ass, Harvey!  Plus, Kevin Federline and his ex-girlfriend (no, not Britney, the other baby mama) are both on the show.  Should add an extra catty dimension to the show!

I guess I can glean a few fitness and diet tips from this show but not much.  Some of the physical challenges are interesting to watch but most of the diet advice is the old “control your portions, don’t eat junk food” type of advice.  It’s not something that most of us haven’t heard already.  Still, I keep coming back for more!  I guess I just entertainment that doesn’t make me think too much.

I’m off to the gym in about 15 minutes for another personal trainer session.  My knee feels OK right now.  Rest is helping but it seems likely I’ll be getting it checked out.  Websites seem to suggest that I’m not running with proper form and that’s probably contributing or I lack flexibility in my hips (that’s definitely true!).  I always thought you just put on a pair of shoes and started running.  I never thought I’d have to worry about doing it properly too!

Until tomorrow……..

5 Responses

  1. yeah i am so into the sound of the new cast of celeb fit club! i haven’t seen it yet but i definitely want to tune in at some point…maybe during a saturday marathon 🙂

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  2. Ive never watched that show before, but the Kevin Federline/Shar Jackson combo totally has me wanting to watch.

  3. Running can definitely be very technical! I am sure you will get it all figured out!! I am sending “healthy knee vibes” your way!! 🙂

  4. Whatever it takes to keep your workout going! I used to watch Bones because the reruns were on right when I was working out. I pretty much finished that, so now I have nothing good to keep me interested.

  5. i don’t follow fit club but it’s been on lately when i’m at the gym and i will stay on the tm or whatever longer so i can finish an episode haha

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