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Good News………And Bad News

Good morning all!

The snow has finally subsided here but we got the full brunt of what was predicted for us – about 12 inches total.  Once the plows did their thing, the wall of snow at the end of our driveway was easily two feet deep or more.  The wind made it that much worse in that the snow would easily drift up to two or three feet deep in certain spots.  I’m thankful every day like this for my snowblower and that I don’t have to move all of that snow with a shovel.  After about two hours or so outside I’m happy to say that the driveway is clear, the sidewalk is walkable and our back patio is snow-free (gotta make sure the doggies can move around outside to do their thing too!).

You’re not here to read about the weather though.  Good news first.  I jumped on the treadmill yesterday afternoon and successfully completed my 5 mile run in a time of 42:51.  That’s been about the typical pace that I’ve been running at lately.  Not really pushing it but not taking it easy either.  I figure if I can build a good base of doing 5 mile runs at an average pace then I set the stage for pushing forward to faster and longer runs.  I was quite pleased with this run.  Until……..

My knee had held up pretty well for this run.  There was a little stiffness around the fourth mile but it didn’t cause enough discomfort to stop.  I stretched out afterward, walked a little bit and once I finished cleaning up and getting dressed, everything felt pretty good.  Until……..

Maybe it was the fact that I sat at my desk at work for a while afterwards or something but, boy, it wasn’t long until that knee was really hurting.  It was the same spot as before – the middle/right part of the knee below the kneecap.  When I sit in a normal sitting position, it feels fine.  Once I get up and put some weight on it and move the leg from being bent to straight, that’s where it really starts to hurt.  Walking caused a lot of discomfort (especially trying to brush snow of my car).  It’s better this morning but still not 100%.

I’m really not sure how to remedy this but it’s a problem that isn’t going away.  When I had IT Band issues, I could stretch it to make it feel better.  This?  I’m not sure what to stretch or how to do it.  I have an IT Band brace for my knee that I think I’m going to wear when I do a test run probably next week to see if that does any good.

If that doesn’t help, I think I’m really left with only two options.  Take a REALLY long break from running to let it heal or visit a doctor to have it checked out.  Having a doctor check it out either way might not be a bad idea but I just want to try to exhaust all reasonable options first.  Time to do a little internet research this weekend too!

In the meantime, I’ll be hitting the pool today to try to regain my ability to swim!  My knees don’t bother me when I swim or bike (I’m using the quads more than the knees) so maybe my future will be doing aquathlons or duathlons or biathlons or whatever they call a swim/bike combo.  It seems like my body may just not be built for distance running but we’ll find out in time!

Hope everyone is surviving the week and the snowstorm for those of you it’s affecting.  Talk to you again tomorrow!

9 Responses

  1. I have an ice pack wrap that I love. It wraps around the knee and then you can move around a bit or just hang out with the ice on. You def. should ice your knee after running whether it hurts or not…sometimes mine doesn’t hurt but I ice anyways and I think that helps.
    adventures in tri-ing

  2. Qualifier: I am not a doctor. However, first of all I would not use any brace at all on your knees or anything else. Braces may help alleviate the pain or discomfort in the short term, but require you to change your normal cadence and/or overcompensate in some way. My advice is to rest your knee. Missing a week or two is not a big deal when the alternative is long term damage. Second, go see the doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

    Again, I’m not a doctor, but wanted to off some food for thought.

  3. ACK! I hope you figure it out. ICE IS YOUR FRIEND!

  4. That really sounds like patella femoral stress syndrome. Some people say they have “movie theater knees” because sitting for a while with bent knees can hurt if you have cartilage damage. I get this, too. Whether it’s serious or not, I’d say just visit an orthopedic to be sure. It’s better to start rehabbing it now before you do more damage. The problem with PFSS is that there’s no muscle/tendon problem you can stretch out. it’s all cartilage. There are plenty of exercises you can do to alleviate the pain, though. You might want to try to ice it a bit today. And doctors prescribe NSAIDS for that pain and the inflammation causing it, though I’ve never found them to work much.

    Good luck, and hope you start feeling better. Let us know if you see a doc!

  5. Oh no, I hope you get your knee problem figured out. Definitely stay off it until you do – swimming is such great exercise anyhow. Sometimes I think Im not meant for distance running either.

    I had to laugh about the snowblower – my parents neighbor has a snow vacuum (?) and he actually did the whole street last year, and my dad has a snow plow attachment for his lawnmower (he did a little dance when we gave him that thing!). Not having to shovel snow is SO worth buying some kind of removal device.

  6. knee problems are a huge bummer! hope youre able to find some relief. from both the pain and the weather

  7. Hope you figure it out! Knee problems are the worst.

  8. Ever since my little issue a couple months ago, I’m a huge advocate of getting it checked out first- so you know how long to stay off of it and what your options are… kinda wish I would have gone a week sooner! But that’s just me… 🙂

    I hope it gets better soon!

    And yeah, seriously- this snow is ridiculous.

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