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Almost There!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Just one more day until Friday and then the weekend will be upon us.  Can’t wait!

So, I ended up missing my workout yesterday.  Work stuff unfortunately got in the way of letting me get out of the office for an hour.  I wasn’t 100% disappointed because my legs felt dead tired yesterday and I’m not quite sure why.  Not sore or injured.  Just tired.  On Monday, I did a heavy leg and cardio workout with my personal trainer followed by sparring in the evening so I’m sure that contributed.  But after a relatively light workout on Tuesday I was surprised to still be feeling fatigue on Wednesday.

Either way, I’m feeling pretty good today.  I’m a little nervous about how my knee will feel but it’s usually only affected by running.  We won’t be doing a lot of that today so I think we’ll be OK.  Mondays tend to be more cardio and lower body while Thursdays are more upper body.

Speaking of upper body, I was posing in the mirror without my shirt on the other day (which I do more often than I’d probably care to admit).  I tightened up the midsection and I noticed what looked like it could be an abdominal muscle trying to break through.  Really cool!  Some people can brag about their six packs.  I’ll be rocking the one pack!

I mentioned earlier sparring at karate on Monday night.  It’s usually one of the more physically demanding classes of the week with a normal mixture of students so imagine what I thought I was in for when the class for that evening was me and nothing but black belts.  What appeared at first like a good cardio class suddenly looked like it might be a fight for survival.  And these are good sparrers too – guys who can drop a foot on top of your head at a moment’s notice (which I, for the record, can’t do and probably won’t ever be able to….God just didn’t bless me with that kind of flexibility).

It turned out to be a really great class because I think I realized quickly this is how I was going to become better.  By facing people who are better than me.  Yes, facing people at my belt rank or below tends to make for a slower pace and a greater chance of victory but sparring black belts was how I was going to achieve personal growth.  And I actually did fairly well and was able to hold my own………after getting a foot or two dropped on my head.  Looking forward to doing it again!

Have a great day all!


5 Responses

  1. Good luck with the knee staying A-OK! And I hate when you’re making the effort to be there, but the body just isn’t wanting to get going- it’s so frustrating.

    And I look in the mirror at my progress far too often as well- of course I blame my one wall that is, in fact, one large mirrored wall (so 80’s, right???). 🙂 I’ve justified it as us just being proud of how far we’ve come…

  2. lol I love that you admitted to posing in front of the mirror. We ALL do it!
    I wont lie, the first time I noticed a wrinkle on my face I was admiring myself in the mirror while driving to work.

  3. LOL on the one pack! Hey man, you gotta start somewhere. Great job of getting in the XT. I wish I could be that organized and disciplined. Keep going!

  4. Hey, good job on your one-pack 😉 and I know, I’m really sad too… I was so looking forward to that one, but I’ll try to find an other trail run for this month!

  5. i am a huge believer of training (in anything: running, bball, school) with people who are better/faster whatever will make you a better person in that area. it makes me hungry to achieve my goals

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