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A Return To Kobudo Without Our Leader

Welcome back to the work week everyone!  I had way too much going on Sunday and wasn’t able to stop by here to update so we’ll have to catch up on the entire weekend here today instead.

Saturday could probably best be described as surreal.  It was the first scheduled kobudo class since the passing of our instructor.  Sensei Harris practiced out of Green Bay and they opted to carry on with their normal schedule of classes there so our school followed suit and held kobudo class as scheduled.  He would have wanted it that way.  No doubt about it.

Understandably, this was not a normal class.  In fact, there was relatively little physical activity involved.  Just enough to break a bit of a sweat and review a few basics but that was it.  Not surprisingly, nobody was really into it and I think most who were there were there for the cameraderie with and support for each other.  Especially for the head instructor at our school who had become particularly close to Sensei Harris.

We ended the class hitting the heavy bags with our weapons as a means of getting out some of the pent up aggression/grief out of our systems but it didn’t help.  The sadness was still there.

The custom at the end of class has been to line up in a row facing our Sensei and bowing to each other as a symbol of respect.  On Saturday, we chose to simply line up as a class and bow to the empty space where Sensei Harris would have stood.  It was a symbolic gesture yet a very powerful visual reminder of the friend and leader that we had lost.  He is someone who will not soon be replaced.

On a more positive note, we did find out that one of Sensei Harris’ assistant instructors had agreed to continue his schedule of driving down every other weekend to teach classes at our school.  This means that we will be continuing on through the attainment of our black belts.  This is definitely welcome news!  I thought that the possibility would exist that the kobudo program at our school would be dropped but I think everybody realized that Sensei Harris would have wanted everything to continue whether or not he was around to teach personally.  His assistant has made her way down to our school several times and is a wonderful teacher as well as a very accomplished martial artist so I think we’ll be able to continue moving forward in a very positive way.  We’re lucky to have her!

On another brighter note, I’m returning to workouts again today at what I feel is full strength.  My knee has felt great throughout the weekend, I’ve got a new pair of running shoes I’m looking forward to breaking in and today will be the next weekly weigh-in which I’m always hopeful for.  I think this week if there is one the weight loss will be small.  My wife and I quite enjoyed ourselves Friday night at the Flat Top Grill and hopefully a little splurging on dinner that night won’t set me back too much!

I hope you’re all returning to a great work week.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a personal training session review and weigh-in results.  Until then…….


3 Responses

  1. Glad you are feeling better…a good workout can be a cure for a lot.
    adventures in tri-ing

  2. Glad you’re feeling back up to strength again and that your knee’s doing better!

  3. so sorry about the loss of your sensei. but way to attack your workouts with vigor and that your back to full strength

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