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Weigh-In Results – Week 5 (Plus 1,000 Stairs!)

Good morning all!

Monday’s workout with my personal trainer was marked by our usual weekly rite of passage – weigh-in.  The week didn’t start off on the best note as some of my food cravings got the best of me but things seemed to recover nicely by the end of the weekend.  Part of that was a lack of appetite due to sickness but I guess we’ll take whatever we can get, right?

My weight yesterday came in at 197.8.  That’s down another 0.8 pounds from last week.  Steady progress is a wonderful thing!  I think my goal of getting back down to my “fighting weight” of 190 is well within reach.  The body fat measurement came in at 19.0% again which is unchanged from last week.  It feels great to see the numbers continue to move in the right direction!

When I ran into my trainer yesterday, she said that yesterday’s workout was going to focus on agility.  If you ever work with a personal trainer and he/she says they want to do an “agility” workout with you, you might want to think about turning around and heading in the other direction.  For me, an “agility” workout meant doing stairs.  Lots of them.

The beginning of the workout saw me doing a total of 25 flights of stairs.  5 sets of 5 flights at a time separated by another exercise (lunges, triceps extensions, bicep curls, squats, and I honestly don’t remember what the fifth one was).  Each flight of stairs was about 20 steps up and 20 steps down.  Multiply that 25 and you get a total of about 1,000 stairs!  Yes, I know the down stairs are a lot easier than the up stairs but a nice round number like 1,000 sounds a whole lot cooler!  That’s also about 15 times more stairs than I’ve ever done in a single workout before.

The rest of the workout was a lot of core work.  More ab circuits (deadly to go through but boy the abs feel rock solid right now!) along with burpees and planks.  While this workout probably falls in the top 10 of my least favorite workouts over the last four months, I have to say that my body felt really good after all was said and done.  When I start going on my own in another couple of months, the ab circuits will definitely stay in my routine.  I still have to talk myself into the benefits of all those damn stairs!

Today, I’m aiming for a 5 mile run.  I haven’t done 5 miles since the half marathon last May.  If I decide to go for the Steve Cullen Run 8K in another few weeks or so, this will be the distance I need to cover so the sooner I get used to it again the better.  I’m going to try pushing the pace a bit but may need to back off to make sure I complete the distance.  I think it’ll go well today though!

Have a great Tuesday!

7 Responses

  1. I always forget about stairs being a good workout cause I rarely see any! Thanks for commenting on my races, I’m glad you did so I could find you, you’ve got some impressive goals going on this year!

  2. Theres a set of stairs going down into a parking lot thats just a couple minutes from my house. I try and run up and down them whenever I run. Ive never done more than 10 times though. Painful, but it feels so great when you’re done!!

  3. Ah those stairs… I know! They are tough, but so good! They have this Sears Tower Stairs race in Chicago (103 stories) which I want to do… one day 😉
    Good job, and enjoy your run!

    – Kloé

  4. congrats. slow and steady = key for sticking to weight loss!! and killer workout. wowza

  5. Holy moly 1000 stairs!! Great work. I LOVE killer workouts… once they’re over not during 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  6. What a workout! WOW! Congrats on the good numbers and have fun with the run today! Can’t wait to hear about it…yay!

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