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    01.17 - Samson Stomp 5K
    04.24 - Deer Run 10K
    05.01 - Door County Half Marathon
    07.11 - Pewaukee Triathlon
    08.01 - Bradford Beach Tri
    09.11 - TosaFest 5K

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New PR At The 5K Distance!

With the 5K race still on tap for this Sunday, I wanted to get an idea today of where I stood physically at that distance.  I hopped on the treadmill at the gym over lunch yesterday and the result was a new personal record for the 5K distance.


When I ran my first 5K about a year and a half ago, I clocked in at 27:19.  Obviously, that’s an improvement of about 2 1/2 minutes.  I’m really excited about this!  I’ve done a number of runs recently where my 5K time would have ended up somewhere in the high 25 to low 26 minute range but this is the first time in a while where I attempted to run the 5K distance as fast as I could.

I think I’m about as ready as I’ll be for the 5K on Sunday.  The weather is supposed to be 30 degrees and sunny which is about as good as you could hope for for January in Wisconsin!  My main concern really is the running outdoors.  I’ve never really run in winter conditions before.  Perhaps an outdoor run on Friday will at least get me used to running in cold weather.

Today, I’ll be on the spin bike for a while and then maybe a short treadmill run afterwards or some ab work.  I haven’t decided yet.

One last food related point, I think I’m finding granola to be my snack of choice.  I’ve started eating it in the morning and occasionally as a snack and I’m really enjoying it.  The only thing is I haven’t found a brand I’m 100% sold on yet.  I’ve got a box of Quaker Natural Granola at work right now but I’m considering other brands.  Any suggestions?

Have a great hump day!

6 Responses

  1. Rock on with your speedy self!!! I know I always run a little faster outside in the cold…just trying to warm up! Add that to race day adrenaline and you will have a great race.
    adventures in tri-ing

  2. granola is yummy, try making your own (so much cheaper and you can play around with the flavors!) congrats on the PR!

  3. Oh goodluck on your 5K!! I can’t wait to hear how you do!!

    As for granola…have you looked at Bare Naked brands? They are all natural and come in a variety of different options depending on what you want: low-sugar, high protein, etc. Here is their website: http://www.bearnaked.com/

    Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day!! Add me to your Roll if you like and come back – love new advice/opinions 🙂

    Awesome PR – wow you’ve come a long way! You are indeed an inspiration during my “confusing” period in life 😉 …ugh …

  5. Thats fantastic that you are getting so fast! I definitely agree you should try an outdoor run before the race, my time drastically reduces when I have to factor in hills, dips and rugged terrain.
    Keep up the good work! You’re an inspiration!

  6. It takes me between 30 and 35 minutes to run 5k. Im officially impressed!

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