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8 Foods I Always Keep On Hand

I neglected to remember that I had a celebration lunch today for a coworker who recently got married so I didn’t get my normal lunchtime workout in today.  Tuesdays are usually the days that I run 4-5 miles so I’m going to try to get that in tonight at home on the treadmill.  I’ve been notoriously poor in the past at working out at home (which is why I got the gym membership in the first place) so I’ll have to summon a great deal of dedication to make it happen.  Wish me luck!

I wanted to talk today about the subject of food.  Specifically, foods that I consume on a regular basis.  I want to give you the list of the 8 foods that I almost always have on hand in my house.  Some are just plain healthy.  Some are used primarily for fueling for or re-fueling after a workout.

Here are the elite eight…

Cottage Cheese – I prefer the 2% variety.  Great source of protein and low in fat.  I like cottage cheese as both a simple snack and for getting some protein in my body after a workout.

Pretzel Sticks – I use these as a simple midday or evening snack.  They’re low fat, low calorie and provide just enough of a simple carb to give you a little energy and help you through to the next meal.  Careful of OD’ing though.  The sodium can dehydrate you.

Peanut Butter – Another great protein source.  I like to use peanut butter as strictly a post-workout re-fueling food.  I tried to use it pre-workout for an energy boost but it never did sit well in my stomach so I reserve it exclusively for after a workout.  I love to make a peanut butter sandwich on…

15 Grain Bread – Pepperidge Farm to be specific.  It’s a healthy bread and a great source of fiber.

Orange Juice – This is the one constant in my diet.  I have two glasses of orange juice every morning for breakfast.  I like the Plus Vitamin D and Calcium variety.  It’s partially a health thing for me but more that I just really like orange juice.

Chicken Breasts – Boneless skinless chicken breasts reside in bulk in my freezer.  My favorite way of preparing them is to put them in a skillet with about a half cup to a cup of water, cover them and steam them.  It takes about 15 minutes with almost no effort and there’s nothing lost in the preparation.

Apples – Granny Smiths are my favorite but almost any type will do.  Great with peanut butter as a snack and for post-workout.

Broccoli – I love steamed broccoli with a little butter or seasoning for flavor but I realize it can be an acquired taste.  One of my favorite, easy-to-prepare meals is chicken breast with broccoli and maybe a little pasta on the side.  Simple and good for you.

Always mix it up and see what works best for you and your tastes and preferences!

Tomorrow is back to the gym for a bike and run circuit so I can get used to the feeling of transitioning from one event to the next.  This will be the second time I try this.  The first time my legs felt like lead when I was done.  Hopefully, this time works out a little better.

Until then…..


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