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Struggling with Weight Fluctuations

Happy Sunday!  My daughter’s down for the night now so that makes it as good a time as any to make today’s update.  I wanted to talk a little bit today about a problem that I hadn’t anticipated when I started working with my personal trainer – weight fluctuations.

When I started working out with her about two months ago, I weighed in at about 195 pounds.  She knew of my goal to finish a triathlon and a lot of our routine consisted of heavy cardio, running, and always keeping the heart rate up.  Of course, we did some work with weights and resistance training to go along with it and I tracked my diet on the Daily Plate so I figured I was in good shape.

About a couple weeks ago, I asked my trainer about weighing in and getting a body fat measurement (not through a more accurate measure like body immersion or using calipers but instead using a handheld device designed to give a quick read).  After almost two months of training, the results were surprising.

The body fat measurement was about 18%.  The typical range for an athletic male is somewhere between 12% and 24% so I fell squarely in the middle.  This was to be expected but my weight caught me off guard.  202 pounds.  I had put on 7 pounds since I started working out.

We’d been tracking my food intake since we started and everything seemed under control so I’d be surprised if it was fat.  Especially considering all the working out I’d been doing.  I’d love to think that it was 7 pounds of muscle I’d put on but I have no idea if that’s even possible or not.  I feel better and notice an improvement when I look in the mirror so I’m not really sure what to make of this.  But we’re going to find out.

Tomorrow will be the first weigh-in and body fat measurement since then.  I really shouldn’t expect much of a difference from the last reading but still I’m hopeful.

This will be a busy week too.  I’m working out with the trainer on Monday and karate resumes this week with kobudo and sparring so tomorrow especially will be an exhausting day.  The big event though is on Thursday when my wife and I have an appointment with the sonographer to see whether baby #2 will be a boy or a girl.

Until tomorrow…….